Amigo Spanish Keyboard

The Keyboard for Spanish Learners

Dictionary, thesaurus, verb conjugation, and pronunciation all at your fingertips without having to switch to another app.


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  • Third-party iOS keyboard: use it with any app where you enter text. No need to stop typing and switch to another app when you're stuck for a Spanish word.

  • English-Spanish dictionary and thesaurus: you can look up the Spanish for an English word, or check if the Spanish word you just typed means what you think and find a better synonym.

  • Verb conjugator: just enter a verb and look up the conjugation of any tense. Great for when you don't remember an irregular verb or a difficult tense such as the subjunctive.

  • Pronunciation: have Amigo read out loud what you've written. Also, pronounce any word in the dictionary. Choice of Spain or Mexico pronunciation. Please, note that this feature requires granting the keyboard full access per Apple's policy (but still none of your typing is sent over to the Internet, see below).

  • Grammar checker: Amigo will warn you if you make some grammar mistakes, and offer corrections. Please note that this feature is still quite limited, but we're adding new checks with every new version to make it more and more useful.

  • Fast cursor movement: we all make more mistakes when writing in a second language. With Amigo, you can grab the space bar and drag to move the cursor back and forth, making corrections a breeze.

  • Offline and private: Amigo is self-contained and doesn't send any of your typing to the Internet. You can use it offline with all the features. Note that, because of Apple policy, key sound and speech require granting it full access, but if you do so Amigo still doesn't send any of your typing to the Internet.